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Cooper and Dean Events aim to make your conference or party a night to remember. We focus on your company, your guests and your message to make sure the bash goes off with a bang.

All too often the word conference conjures up a room full of salesmen vying to learn about new products before their neighbour in order to achieve targets. We cut out all of the nasty bits at focus on the fun.

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Seasonal Staff Parties

Everybody loves and end of season or Christmas party! They can be part of an incentive scheme or an annual tradition but whatever the reason it will keep staff motivated, appreciated and focused.

What’s your Theme?

Cowboys and Indians? Hollywood stars? Or maybe even a Great Gatsby style affair? A themed party breaks the ice immediately, and makes sure that your guests go the extra mile and are super excited for the night.

Dazzling Decorations

Whatever you need, we will find it. With access to prop stores across the UK, whether you need a spooky grave yard setting, Santa’s workshop or even Wild West scene, Cooper and Dean Events could track it down.


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